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Cdn Army Chev CMP 15 Cwt Truck - transmission trouble............ (Help??)

Chris Preston

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Greetings All,



One of our museum's (Ashton Armoury Museum, Victoria, BC) CMP vehicles is out of service with a faulty transmission.



We have a 1944 Chev CMP 15 Cwt Truck has a broken shift fork, for shifting between 3rd and 4th gears.



Does anyone know of a source for same? This piece was in use in Chev 1-Ton transmissions from 1936-1956.



Link to Museum Facebook page:




Merry Christmas,



Chris Preston, :-)

Ferret Driver and Maintainer,

Ashton Armoury Museum,

Victoria, BC,


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'Morning Sean and Pete,


Many Thanks for your replies - I think I have a source for the part in question, courtesy of someone living in the Vancouver, BC area (after posting the same message on MLU Forum).


Sean - I've no idea how it broke - all I can think of is time and age were a factor (I'm not a mechanic). I'll see how Vancouver works out.


Merry Christmas All.





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If you can't locate one in Canada let me know I can probably supply you with a good used example.




Hi Pete,


Happy New Year to you. I had a chap living in Vancouver reply to my original post, along with yours, but have had little contact with him since then - is your kind offer to help still open?




Chris Preston,

Victoria, BC,


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Chris, I have bumped up your wanted ad on MLU - I cannot believe this part could not be sourced in Canada?!?


Many Thanks MCS.


Although I can identify engine parts and use (the correct) tools properly, I'm not a mechanic (my background is RCN - 44 years, retiring as a Chief Bos'n). I've learned that coming to the HMVF and MLU Forums is probably my best chance for getting my questions answered and locating parts. Those more mechanically inclined and knowledgeable than myself advised to look here first.




Chris, in Victoria, BC

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