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Wanted parts or info on ex Navy 4.5 two guns


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A friends now owns a twin and he is currently doing it up.

It was missing one firing pin and two brass collars for the

carriage unit.


We have discovered that each barrel would have its own history

card and so we are also hoping to trace and follow their working

life and see how they became paired together.


He will use it for displays in the future - using black powder I


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That's going to be a fun job cleaning it afterwards then! :-D Best way I've seen is to machine out a shell case and mount 12 bore blanks where the primer should be, very satisfing bang, litlle cleaning.


That's what they do with the 5 inch guns on HMS Belfast.



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wish you luck with your project , I'm in the middle of a similar one restoring a twin set of 4 inch Mk 16 guns . I am told that the gun logs are in deep storage at Hampshire C C offices somewhere and are not accessible at the moment .can I suggest we join forces on persuading them to allow us to access these .

i would be interested in how your restoration is going

please drop me a line

kind regards

John Dale

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