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  1. A friends now owns a twin and he is currently doing it up. It was missing one firing pin and two brass collars for the carriage unit. We have discovered that each barrel would have its own history card and so we are also hoping to trace and follow their working life and see how they became paired together. He will use it for displays in the future - using black powder I assume.
  2. Team Can anyone offer any leads or info on Operating and using the Ptarmigan radio and trivid sets. Our member has got a Bedford truck full of them but looking for both the computers and any helpful set up info. Regards Steven
  3. Hi Team We have approached Gosport and looking for other leads re the history of each barrel of a twin 4.5 set up. Also missing the brass collars and clamps for the carriage and a firing pin. Manuals would be helpful to. Regards
  4. Hi team Ideally looking for a proper sand channel for a ferret scout car near his completion. Two would be great but a single one would also suffice. Thank you. Steven Surrey
  5. After many years of forum amusement of how not to do up a scout car, it seemed to disappear for a few years - then today it turned up at a posh UK car auction. The audience did not really appreciate what it was but there was much talk of needing to wear sun glasses ....! As expected the bidding was nil from the real crowd but within minutes the internet bidding clicked in with an opener of £6k... A few minutes later and she was sold for £8.2k plus auction premium. If you could look past the chromed spade, headlights, smoke dischargers, front "bumper" and rear exhaust - the
  6. Justing doing as told - hello. Second year attending Folkestone and probably say 11 years at Beltring. Mostly mixing with the 101FC gang and some Ferret Scout Cars and the odd Dingo or two. I have proudly introduced and brought at least 2 news owners into our hobby and many Beltring attendees over the years.
  7. Welcome Do consider a visit to the big UK show in July each year - lots of ferrets to view
  8. We have arrived late last night - with a smile The signing staff were in good spirit - I dropped off a box of sweets to keep them cheerful. We put up our tent as the light was closing - so woke up this mornIng to discover a section of the real Berlin wall and full height sentry post behind us ... The field is dry but the area around the stand pipes for water is very muddy. Yes some of the roads are really for 4x4 but if movement is kept down it will get better. It's been sunny all evening and this morning. Off to the trade stands. 101FC
  9. Hi I have been reading for awhile but thought I should make a first post ! Off to Beltring with a smile and wellies....... 101FC
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