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1:72 Airfix Jeep modded as an RAF Aircraft Crash Tender

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As far as I can tell from about mid-44- 2TAF had them first, I reckon because 4x4 was probably more use on forward airstrips and advanced landing grounds, (probably similar reason as to why the Crossley FWD was more in evidence in France, rather than than the Fordson WOT1- based tenders)...


By war's end there were a few on UK bases...They lasted until the mid-fifties, being replaced by the Land-rover ACR, in quick-time.


This one is exampled as a '45 one. The whole colour scheme for these is interesting- they definitely got repainted in RAF blue-grey, some with yellow bonnets. They were also painted in bright red, after 1949, again some with yellow bonnets, and generally with Blue-grey tilts.

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Hi Larry,

That is indeed my Jeep, ACR. You can also see it on the Airfix Tribute Forum too. Although I don't generally post on that forum anymore.

And indeed Photobucket tried the 'let us fleece you....' Routine with me, too. So I dumped them, and deleted my account and all data. 

I now use my onedrive (which has the huge benefit of being free, as well as a serious amount of storage) Microsoft don't demand any licences, don't insist they have copyright, or anything else really...

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