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Ammo Box


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This may be a stupid question, but I have just been given this ammo box but I know nothing about it apart from the chaps father got it towards the end of WW2 and they have had it ever since. He thought it may be American but other than that knows nothing about it. I have not yet cleaned it, there appears to be something stamped near the handle but I cannot decipher what it says. Does anyone here recognise it please ? 021.jpg



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If you clean away the rust CAREFULLY with wirewool AND Oil. It will reveal a small Eagle & Swastika inspection stamp.

& also, either a Manufactures logo. Or a Three letter (Lower case) code.


Nice little 'Gift' you got there! :-D


Thank you both for the info, since OP I have looked at it with a jewellers loop and have found the small eagle looking like on top of a globe ? Also the following B Z L C 23 there is also an H below the C 23. So quite a nice gift as you say :-D

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I mean it's not exactly a globe but a swastika, although some stampings are more clear than others.




There is only the outer circle visible to be honest although I haven't cleaned the rust off to look properly. If the swastika had been visible it would have been a good clue to its origin but it could be there just under a layer of grime. Thanks for the picture it gives me an idea where to look closer.

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