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A&E basecamp site visit


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Chums - spent some time on Saturday with Steve who has been kind enough to offer a basecamp for A&E 2016 at the village of Broadmayne.


The historic D -Day Marshalling Camp D-5. Pointe du Hoc Rangers camped here on the build up & prior to D-Day along with the Big Red 1. This is looking a perfect location for all of us and for all of the tanks and armour that will be coming.


Its a great location, in the heart of the village, on historic ground and near the pub. Great for the village, great for the event and great for history. We have some logistics to sort but Steve and I see no major issues there. Have attached some images of the entrance to basecamp and some of the ford which is on route to the Tank Museum if we were looking at the cross country route.


Just wanted to say a big thank you to Steve Ellis-George of Broadmaynes Camp D5 event. More to come as we go forward!


(Steve feel free to chip in here if you would like with the history of the camp.............)





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I plan to arrive on Thursday so roll out the Red carpet and put the kettle on. :D


BTW, on Wednesday I will drive from Dover to Southhampton via the motorway...In case of a breakdown could I call someone on route? PM please.

I have a modern car but you never know.

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