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  1. For sale 9x9 Tent. I have a used 9x9 tent with steel frame in good used condition. I've had the tent for around 10-12 years. I re-waterproofed it around 5 years ago even though it didn't need doing, since then it's been used about half a dozen times. A couple of the knuckles have been repaired and one could do with fixing agian but it doesn't stop frame or tent being used. There are a couple of toggles missing, see pictures.Comes with pole bag and a canvas bag for tent.. I'm located near Heathrow just off junction 11 of the M25. Asking £300. It heavy so if you would like to arrange a courier you're more tHan welcome.
  2. Thanks for all your hard work and everyone involved in making this happen. Thanks for letting me take part in a memorable event.
  3. Cool looking forward to meeting you.
  4. demon

    What fuse?

    Many thanks, so how do I test the circuit to find out the wattage?
  5. Are any of you guys attending the A&E next weekend?
  6. demon

    What fuse?

    I've traced my intermittent electrical problem on my RE350 WD/CO down to a dodgy old style inline fuse. I've replaced it with a modern spade/blade style fuse. I had a 10 amp but that popped after a few miles. I know the amps are higher on a 6 volt circuit so my question is: what size fuse to use?
  7. All interesting reading. I removed the welds and it turns out that there are two pieces of sheet metal sandwiching two spacers so the centre piece can move back and forth with the gearbox. I threw away one of the piece of sheet metal and replaced the spacers and top piece pictured. It's seems to be okay now. I'll try and source a new inner case.
  8. It's certainly looks like it's been welded/bodged/modified in the past and looking at yours it's different. I presume the round part the main shaft goes through on yours moves? For now I'll try and modify mine and make it work as I need it for Armor Embarkation in 4 weeks time.
  9. Ok my last problem I need to solve. The clutch basket has been rubbing the inside of the casing on the piece that moves back and forth when you adjust the gearbox etc (sorry I'm not sure what it's called) to the point the welds have been worn away. Two questions. 1. Is there meant to be a spacer between the bush and the basket? 2. Is this part replaceable or is it a case of a new inner casing? I can only see on Hitchcocks page that they list the casing and it's currently unavailable. I'm sure a couple of welds will do the job.
  10. Sorted 😀 Dodgy ground on magneto..
  11. Battery fully charged showing 6.3volts and it's connected. Multi meter connected to earth lead to battery and there's continuity. Battery has an in line fuse and that okay as I'm getting power past it. I have a manual so now I'm trying to trace the power feed to see where it goes and if there's continuity on that circuit too. There's a regulator fitted, mechanical type with points.
  12. Thanks I didn't but it's worth checking tomorrow.
  13. Today I finished the gear box rebuild but now I've no electrics, nought nardar zilch 🤔. I've no horn, brake lights, lights and when the engine is running nothing showing on the amp meter. Is there a fuse or something somewhere in the tiny electrical circuit that's hiding from me? The horn etc all worked until this afternoon. Totally baffled 😟.
  14. For some reason the link isn't working from my phone. I spoke With Dave 2 yesterday when ordering my parts and he's popped the correct grease in with my order. I hope to get in the workshop this evening and rebuild the box. Then to sort the carb leak out and if all goes well I hope to take her for her first ride
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