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Vixen or Polecat?


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I took this photo in the Conservation Hall at Bovington last weekend.




The plaque lying on top of it says that it's an FV722 Vixen. However the Wikipedia article on the Fox CVR(W) says that the Vixen prototypes were unturreted and also refers to a Polecat "There was at least one trial version of a Fox chassis mounting the standard UK GPMG one-man turret (as used on the FV432 APC)". This vehicle plainly has the Peak Engineering GPMG turret as fitted to FV432s, so is it a Vixen or a Polecat?



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The Vixen hull is very different to the Fox hull, apart from the hatch at the front it is actually wider in that it fills the gap between the wheels where the fibreglass side bins are bolted on a Fox hull. The Polecat was a fox hull with the turret removed and a Peak turret and adaptor collar fitted.



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