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Has Anyone Got One


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If you have a look at the middle image here you can see the American equivalent;





( ignore the trailer plug, which is there for a different reason )


I was able to get a two pin interstart cable from E-Bay, but expensive, and see that locating groove? I believe it is different for 12 and 24 volt ( my 'new' 24v cable won't go into my original 12v sockets - I'll have to rework the indexing )


If you want the cable, check the usual sources for two pin interstart cables, but there is a ' two pin to more modern single pin ' adapter out there too.


More modern US socket, note the index groove;




Two pin to single pin adapter;




... but looking at it again your socket has male pins, so it is related, but different.

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The socket is connected directly to the 24volt batteries of the truck, so the lead I'm asking about is for either taking power from or delivering power to these??

It is nothing to do with the Warner brake socket/lead as they are controlled from inside the cab on a different system.



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