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sultan flotation screen


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What help do you need?


I have a flotation screen that I have salvaged if you need parts from it like cables and fittings.




The complete flotation screen has been removed before we got it, so we are looking for the entire screen.

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15/19H got our Sultans hmm — must have been early 1980. By mid 1982 we were tearing off the flotation screens from the Scorpions at least.


  1. Somebody had finally clicked that none of the floatable rivers in the corps area actually had banks that would allow you float a CVR(T).
  2. It was becoming apparent that firing a Scorpion caused damage to the front of the screen (even though there was a hardened cover over the front half).


I cannot say for certain that we ever bothered removing the screens from the Sultans (that only sealed off the engine and driving compartments: the rest of the vehicle was naturally buoyant without the need for a screen).

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