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  1. The speedometer is in km and so was the gps. We thought we did 60 km per hour, according to the faulty speedometer or any related part, but the gps was reading 80+ in the van that followed. Hopefully the problem is not software related and is it a matter of exchanging speedometer. Jean-Pierre
  2. Yes, we "found" 6th gear !!! It never went away. The vehicle does not start in first but in second, which is normal ! 🙄 The speedometer was showing 60 km, which is too slow for the Drops. Hence the thaught it did not take 6th. On checking with the gps it really dit 85 . So..... We are now looking for another speedometer !!
  3. Dears, our engine was seized and needs a LOT of parts and work. Anybody knows of a good B81 for sale ? Thanks, Jeanl P
  4. We took the drops out after the corona lock up and now does not take 6 th gear. I still revs hgh before it changes gear too. Has anybody had before ? Yours, Jean-Pierre
  5. dears, finally got the drops on the road. But...it only changes gear at 2200 rmp. Is there a possibility to make it change gear at lower revs ? Thanks.
  6. Dearests, I feel really depressed and stupid because I went through lots of pages on the drops, but could not find the oil capacity on the drops eagle engine, SOS Save my Oil Sump Thanks JP
  7. I bought a Drops from Withams a few years ago, never had it registered because a collegue from work was ex reme/ foden recovery. He always warned me about the drops : it is not a matter if it will go wrong only a matter WHEN it will go wrong. He said they had gearbox problems all the time whereas the foden drops, with the same gearbox never broke down. He could not tell the matter of the breakdown . One person told me that the british army use engine oil in the gearbox although ZF prescribes ATF to their specifications. Should I take it on the road or will it be a financial disaster. ??
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