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Technical information, drawings etc. of military/commercial vehicles.

Richard Peskett

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Recent references made to the availability of this kind of material I thought it best to start a separate thread .

I my opinion the best information which includes drawings is in the 'Automobile Engineer' and 'The Engineer', these being in A3 format. Other publications which deal more generally are Commercial Motor, Motor Traction, Industrial Motor Review.

Commercial Motor ran four series of interest - 'Our Dispatches from the Front', 'How to keep your lorry fit', 'Chariots of War I have driven' and 'Overhauling' in addition there are numerous articles on makes etc. Industrial Motor Review is extremely rare being published 1904/08 and I only have two volumes. Commercial Motor is also extremely rare 1915/18 other than on line.

Allgemeine Automobil-Zeitung from Austria is good, available on line to see what was going on on the other side of the channel - I have indexed the UK content in this.

From my own library I have indexed much of this material for the period early 1900s to the 1920s. ,publishers indexes can be somewhat unreliable !. There is far too much to publish here but if anybody is interested through this system contact me by email with your email address and I will be pleased to forward copies of my indexes for much of the above mentioned.

Richard Peskett.

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Richard, there are a couple of things.


I believe there was an article in one of the technical journals on he AEC 850/FWD R6T. This may have been outside the scope of your collection, dated sometime in the 30's.


I am after details of the Peerless 4 ton chassis.....mainly the wheelbase/track measurements....I have a set of plan and side elevation, however there are no dimensions......the chassis would be the one used for mounting the 3" AA gun.


contact details:






Any help appreciated.




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