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  1. I had hoped for the same result here. Obviously not to be. Strange as I had, in the past had some excellent responses from members on various subjects of restorations, with them submitting helpful information. Sadly things seem to have changed. George.
  2. Tried that before coming to this site, managed to download manuals, drawings of ;303 and .5". Just mentions the type of boxes in service, capacities of rounds, everything but measurements. Wiki gives the weights of individual boxes !! No one it seems has the actual overall dimensions. Believe me, I have searched just about every blessed site associated with Vickers MG. The reason why I posted this request as surely somebody has one out there. Loads of photographs of them, even auction sites listing them.
  3. All I really need are the basic dimensions if some kind soul .could measure them. From the photo, the width of the lid is the same as the width of the body, there is a lip all round. The difference from the photo of total height, it relatively easy to gauge the different height of lid to main body. The length, here again the start of the angled section is easily measured, as are the various details. Thanks.
  4. Thanks for that, I have photographs, and from those it is a pretty easy task to measure the angled section from the length, which is why I need the basic dimensions. Thanks. George.
  5. Would someone kindly send me the dimensions for the No 10 ammunition box, just basic L x H x Depth. I am working on a 1/24th model of a Vickers MkVI B. Are there any dimensional differences between a '303" and .5" boxes. Thanks in advance. George.
  6. Hi, Do you have anything on the 15" howitzer ?? We were in contact ages ago when I was doing some research on the 6" howitzers. George.
  7. Problem is knowing the number. I have searched for specific subjects, with poor results. If you know the number then fine, but searching for "anti aircraft artillery WW1", and variations of that theme in the search box, brought nothing but WW1 aircraft. The search engine used to be helpful, but seems not to work as it used to. I have in the past used their resources with excellent results, so am not a newbie. Just seems there has been a re-jigging.
  8. Too right, it used to be so easy, but since its Disney-fication some years ago, is now almost impossible to find what you're looking for. Why did they change it ? Who knows. I remember too, they had a magnificent collection of models depicting WW1 subjects, guns, wagons, another set of WW2 Humber vehicles made by apprentices, all to 1/10th scale. In fact as a schoolboy in the 50's - 60's, I was fascinated by a set of cut away models of a Lancaster, Spitfire and Hurricane. I believe they MAY be in storage at Duxford, does anyone have details ?
  9. Thanks for these, some interesting info. Work on our kit has stopped for a while to gather a bit more info and some parts need re-working (my error) Thanks again. George.
  10. thanks, have a look at the Resicast website, Graham Seller is the owner, a Brit having lived in Belgium (Mons) most of his life. Most of the models on the site have been mastered by me and there is a great chap Christian who paint them. We have done a few items on the Light Rail, Simplex 20 and 40hp, wagons, artillery, 18 pdr /4.5 howitzer (WW1 and WW2), 9.2" howitzer, 60 pdr, 8" howitzer, FWD (UK and US versions), 6" howitzer....quite a selection. All 1/35 scale. I do not do figures, equipment only. Been involved for years, and again, many thanks to HMVF members who have given me a lot of info, especially build photo's. They are invaluable to make the models as accurate as possible. Enjoy. George.
  11. Whoops, didn't notice ! My son bought me a book for Christmas, it has a page a day for comments, and enough pages for 5 years. I record comments (!!) on a daily basis that amuse me but not for public consumption. OK ????
  12. Great and thanks for getting back to me. To start, I make master patterns for a company called Resicast in Belgium. They produce 1/35th scale kits in resin, I am not into model engineering on large scales. They are not toys, but we have a reputation of producing scale models. At the moment we are doing a lot of WW1 equipment, through the good intentions of HMVF members I have been able to source a lot of info. I am currently working on the 15" howitzer, that is quite an undertaking as so little info exists. The current crisis has given me time to pursue my hobby, and as the wife says, no change for you then !!! Here is a photo of part of the assembled kit, we have to make allowances for parts to be cast, so thicknesses are often exaggerated. George.
  13. I am looking for details of the Coventry works 15 inch howitzer. I have a side elevation drawing from the manual, and the early Ken Musgrove drawings seen on the "landships" web site leave a lot to be desired in all honesty. IWM have a copy of the manual published by HMSO. But difficult to source. I did find some extracts from the manual listing the battery loads for wagons and drawings of how the gun was emplaced..interestingly, the barrel has screw threads to engage the gun tube into the cradle ?? A company D P and G Military Publishers had ordnance manuals, listing nearly 100 different artillery pieces. I had used them in the past, but they seem tp have gone into liquidation. Their site shows a lot of the publications have been auctioned off, to whom or where is a mystery, does any one know where they may have ended up ?? One major item I need details of is the breech, it is a wellin type, I have some info for this type of breech, but the 15" appears to consist of the breech block contained in a ring or collar. OK a long list of wants, but can anyone help with any info. Thanks in advance. George
  14. I am in the process of building a model of the 5 ton steam wagon, I have some blueprints and a copy of the parts book, I do have one question though, where was the coal carried ?? There appears to be a partition in the drivers cab area, but this would be a guard between the driver and the chain drive. I would appreciate any extra details you could share. Thanks George.
  15. Alex, I might be able to help, I have a bit of info. PM me George.
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