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British 10 cwt trailer for sale very nice


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Evening Ian,


Its funny somebody asked for a view on this trailer last week. I have a photo of it "on file". It was for sale on Milweb in 2010 for £1500. This is a photo from then:


£1500 Milweb Feb2010.jpg



Lots of nice original fittings but is it original style body? We know that "never say never" with British 10 cwt trailers, but I've not seen exactly that style body before on any other trailers.

It almost looks as though it was made to copy the enclosed wheel style of the Lightweight repair trailers, whereas we'd normally expect a narrower body and mudguards on wooden trailers.






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Never seen this type before. Chassis appears to be a machinery type rather than GS.

Looking at the Contract number on the rebuild plate it's from the same contract as our Binned trailer.

This contract appears to be for 10 cwt trailers with various body types.

Does it have the original data plate present?

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no orignal date plate found on it . I have seen it there is no cutting on welding done to the chassis or cross members. Reading the last thread before this one it, it could very well be original. If you look how the canvas made i have never seen anything like it made so well definitely, with all respect to the canvas maker, not by the current suppliers of canvas hoods an tilts.


Hope we get some more posts that will help

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It is certainly not a 10cwt GS trailer. On a GS trailer the wheels are outside the chassis members. This looks as though the chassis has a cut back for the wheels. The suggestions of a cobbled together body on a repair or machinery trailer are most likely. A look underneath may be of help.

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