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Thirty years ago I bought a LR SIII from a dealer in the Midlands, that SWB had been cast because of damage to the front frame - ripples just behind the top of the shock absorber mount indicated that the vehicle had run aground. I say run aground because the chassis number tied into a batch of soft tops which carried RN designations. At that time, circa 1976, other enthusiasts suggested that the vehicle was used as an Admiral's barge by virtue of the fact that the vehicle had been supplied with sun-visors.


Four years later and that SIII had been replaced by a SIIA from the Ministry of Public Buildings and Works and I kept that LR for another five years. In the meantime I had been introduced to Lightweights and that most desirable of vehicles the 101" FC although one without a winch or rear PTO - lack of funds precluded purchase of either of those military vehicles and I had to be content with browsing various PPLs and manuals.


Fast forward to about three years back and my Son acquired a WC51 in good condition although we had to replace the bearing in the clutch housing and most of the brake hoses. In the middle of last year the WC was sold to fund purchase of a GMC... a 353 in reasonable mechanical condition and requiring finishing of details like the canvases plus strakes and bows. And that is where we are on the GMC... trying to sort out a set of bows which work with a set of elbows.


Now retired, professional life was in industry where I kept bumping into service personnel - computer systems for the RN and avionics for those upstairs.


thank you and regards, Graham Beare


living near too and far enough away from Basingstoke

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