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i joined this group quite a while back looking for WLC info, but never got around to logging on. i have a WLC i am restoring. i was in my garage having a beer or 2 and was looking at all the stuff i had when i realized i likely had most of a WLC laying around in parts. got it mocked up right now, making sure stuff fits, getting the right parts etc.


had a buddy drop by tonight asking if i had any interest in a military generator. turns out guy down the road from me has a really nice OMC / Johnson 300 watt charging set MK 1. wants me to make him an offer. looks like clean oil and fresh gas will have the thing running. was going to offer $100 and see what happens.


friend of mine has a small field full of bren carrier carcasses, deuce and a halfs, artillery tractor?, old Dodges etc. plus the toys he has running, including a nice bren carrier.wlc 003.jpg


not sure how this post will look when i am done. it is great to see the preservation of these pieces of history. regards, gerry

wlc 001.jpg

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Welcome to the HMVF, I rushed out into my garage to see if I had as much luck as you but all I found were a pile of old lawn mowers and a broken chainsaw :D


Isn't that about what you need to build a Harley?:whistle:


"Harley-Davidson - converting gasoline into noise without the annoying byproduct of horsepower since 1903"

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Welcome. I would love to find enough bits in the garage to build a WLC... but Im sure they didn't just arrive their by magic :D


true, many years back i started with $150 half ton load from a guys basement and shed, and just kept collecting bits and basket cases from there.

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Any photo's....we love photo's :)


OK, a couple photos, just a taste, as he is a somewhat private individual. not averse to using metal devices which hurl lead projectiles to protect his property from miscreants. 100_6085sm.jpgthe gun tractor(?) he does not think he will ever get around to doing up. it is a roller, has the driveline still in it as i recall. so odd looking it is cool.



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God's country northern Ontario.


where the angels look like big Blackflys....:-)


(I spend much time north of the French River.....)


If you have any questions, etc, I used to own two WLC's and our Collection is Based in the Ottawa area.


Cheers, glad to have you aboard!




CWC Canada

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