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Monty Python - or the Two Ronnies

Sean N

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Some years ago I saw a sketch on, if I remember correctly, either Monty Python or the Two Ronnies.


To be honest I can't recall the theme of the sketch, but it was military, and included a shot with two of the characters in the sketch in front of a row of vehicles in a garage on a military base. The reason I was distracted was that one of the vehicles was my RL.


Can anyone recall such a sketch - or even better, point me towards a copy?

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The sketch I was thinking of - and I'm wondering whether it was either of those shows now - took place, or the relevant part took place, in front of a garage with a row of vehicles in the garage. As I recall - and my memory might be completely wrong - there were two characters speaking in foreground with the garage and vehicles behind. The RL was 05 FJ 58.

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