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Recruiting Office Window models

robin craig

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In the 1960s and 1970s I recall that the local recruiting offices around the country in the High Street had wonderfully detailed vehicle models all painted up and looking very much like the real things. Somehow they were not necessarily all the same scale I seem to think.


Does anyone else recall them?


By whom were they made by?


Do any still exist?


Do they come up for sale?


Can anyone post some pictures up here?





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HI ROBIN this brought back memories when l went to school in the sixties l had to past the local recruiting office yes l did go to school and l spent many times looking at the models in the window as well as collecting many military things military models are just one of them l have a few of the ones from military recruiting offices one drops mmlc a scorpion cent and chieftain two sa 80 lsw yes they do rarely come up for sale and do make very good money as to how made them there are no makers marks sorry for the quality of the attached picture




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