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US D Day Training Area, Rocket Wall Uncovered.

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A group of volunteers have been busy this winter clearing WWII archaeology in North Devon. The Assault Training Center played a vital part in the U.S forces D Day preparations. The latest project was to uncover the "Rocket Wall" used for Bazooka training and target practice, also mount an information board by the nearby sand track to inform walkers and passers by of the importance of the "old lump of concrete". There are also several concrete landing craft for embarkation/dis-embarkation practice and many more unknown items. This is in advance of an event here on 06/06/15.. http://hmvf.co.uk/forumvb/showthread.php?47110-Devon-D-Day-2015


WP_20150111_004 - Copy.jpg

Atc15 015.jpg

Burrows oct 001.jpg

Burrows oct 008.jpg

rocketwall - Copy.jpg

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I assume no unexploded rockets still to find?


Nice work - have signed up to the June event will bring White SC.



Excellent, looks like being a good event and a "one off" chance to get in on the training area with WWII vehicles again. The White should be quite at home there.

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