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Vehicles to ID at C Shears Winkleigh


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Going through some old photos of mine.

These were taken at Colin Shears place at Winkleigh in Devon back in about 1974.

Apologies for the quality but the camera was an Instamatic and basic at that.


But for interest can anyone ID any of the vehicles as surviving today?

There are a couple of what like MOD vehicles but mainly PSVs.

We were there as one of our group was looking at an ex Southport Bus but that was inside and impossible to get a photo of as less than an inch between vehicles inside the hanger.

Colin Shears 1974 a.jpg

Colin Shears 1974 b.jpg

Colin Shears 1974 d.jpg

Colin Shears 1974 e.jpg

Colin Shears 1974 c.jpg

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Hi Bryan,

third photo, centre of frame and to the right of the yellow bus is an AEC Matador 0853 (assuming it's a 4x4 and not a 6x6 0854). Without knowing the reg. no. couldn't say if its survived, but happily a good number have, this could be one of them

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