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as it has no roof then it does not matter what ever is in there gets wet is it for protection against a form of blast


I would have thought it might matter a bit if it got wet but apparently that wasn't important. Blast walls, a good idea Wally as the sketch suggests flared out side walls, but that is artistic licence to give perspective. It was important that the walls were square on to each other.

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seems to me that passage isn't wide enough for a person to pass along if the marked areas where full of summat solid



That is a good point Bernard. The length of the back wall is not defined & this could vary with circumstances of what was available. It is not critical indeed other than allowing some access through. I suspect the representation has been squeezed sideways to get it into the page. It does say here:


"The marking of the ....................depends on its shape. The normal shape is rectangular and it should be marked out by the Royal Engineers ..................with a passage down the middle."


Does that help?

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