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British Military Vehicle Registration codes

Ian L

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That's a jolly good summary Ian, although the first paragraph "The Army now classifies vehicles into 5 categories" is a little dated.


By 1997 D had gone & allocated as "Spare" but there were also these Asset Type Codes:


E-vehicle Truck mounted or trailer mounted equipment or static generator


P-vehicle Powered, mobile, materiel handling equipment used in warehouse or industrial environment including tractor, trailer or hand pallet truck.

R-equipment Engineer or construction plant or ancillary which is neither C nor E vehicle


Z-equipment Transportable container

By 2003 Asset Type Codes were just a letter with a few additional classes


L Chassis cabs stored in Army depots pending fitting of bodies or special equipment


It had expanded further to include items over than vehicles that needed to be tracked for management or legal purposes M, S, U, W, Y.


Well that is more than 10 years ago, maybe those who work in the supply chain could update things further for us.

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