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38 Squadron RAF


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38 Sqn was based variously in North Africa, Malta, Italy and Palestine from 1940 when it equipped with Wellingtons, and continued with these up to 1945. Those Wellingtons in the attached photo above, appear to be Mk XIII or Mk XIVs.

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Thanks for sharing the shots- i wonder if the Officer's Mess silver was in the back of the truck ??

A very understated aircraft the old Wellington. mmy cousin Died in a 12 Sqn wellington on the first thousand bomber raid on Cologne shot down by flak just south of Shipol airport which of course at the time was a heavily defended Luftwaffe base. Sorry I digress but I alway think of him when Wellingtons are mentioned.


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note the Stork squadron badge on the windscreen.




Enjoy the photos nice to see RAF vehicles, I am doing a Chevy 15A 12-cab for a friend who insist its painted sand do you think I could get away with shoving a chair behind the bush bar on his one plus RAF insignia

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Hi, so, my grandfather, who is 92 years old, was a soldier in the Wehrmacht during World War 2, on a convoy ship in the Mediterranean. Earlier this year (it's a long story), he got hold of the attached document. It details the RAF mission that deployed the sea-mine that nearly killed him in 1944. My grandpa is a great guy who immediately wanted to find out if any of those guys were still alive and try to befriend them. Turns out, that's not so easy.


So, basically I'm leaving this here in case somebody else is looking for 38 Squadron RAF, maybe because their father or grandfather or great-grandfather was serving there during WW2. I know it's a long shot. But if you know any of these men, please let me know:

F/O F. West

F/O L. Boys

W/O R. Young

Sgt. G. Fennimore

Sgt. R. Pudney

Sgt. K. Burt




Pages from 38Sqn Wellingtons Aug44 rec AIR 27_401_16.pdf

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This is very interesting but I think you will be very lucky to find any of these chaps. Have you tried to see if there is a 38 squadron assioation ? If so they may have details of those still alive.


Hi, thanks for the quick response! I have actually not found any 38 Sq associations in a Google search. Do you know if there is a registry or something that I could contact?


And yes, I realize that this whole search is a long shot... a really long shot. But my grandpa is an amazing guy, and I want to help him anyway I can.


It's a long story, but the short of it is that as a private citizen, he went back to the Aegean in the early 2000s to apologize for the atrocities commited by the German military in Greece during the war, and the locals just embraced him. And that rekindled his interest in his time as a soldier, something he had kept bottled up all those decades. You can read an account of it here (it says there that his ship was torpedoed but it actually hit a mine, hence the 38 Squadron involvement).

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