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Bedford QL clutch


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Small but *** heavy! It is easier to take the entire selector fork mechanism of fthe top before trying to remove as it catches the floor of the cab. Yes it can be done with cab in place. I'd securley prop the back of the engine and if possible have a platform raised up to drop the box onto as it comes off.


Spocken to an expert. Remove compressor. Release gearbox mount and bell housing bolts. Whilst box still on engine rotate through 90 degress to clear floor. Re-insert same way.

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You have to remove the tyre pump off the side and the gearbox top cover off. No need to block up the engine as the bell housing remains on the engine. There are four bolts or studs holding the box on. As you withdraw the gearbox it has to be turned on its side to clear a cross member, so make sure it is completely drained of oil.

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No need to prop the back of the engine - the gearbox unbolts from the bell-housing (4 bolts) - the bell-housing stays put complete with the rear engine mountings. The clutch can then be changed without removing the bell-housing. Removing the gear lever would be easier than removing the selector cover, I think it is on a bayonet type fitting. I haven't actually had the gearbox off my QL, but the box on the OX is the same and I can confirm it is indeed very heavy - I used an engine crane on the OX, but not sure if you will have room behind the QL cab to get one in.

If you do not know when the core plugs were last replaced, it would probably be worth taking the bell-housing and flywheel off whilst they are accessible and replace the core plug at the back of the engine - better to do it as a planned repair rather than an emergency!

I do have a QL manual if you want to borrow it so you can familiarise yourself with what is involved before you start.

Also probably a good idea to replace the spigot bearing in the end of the crankshaft whilst you are at it.

Give me a ring if you want to borrow the manual.

Kind regards, Mike.

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Thanks for the advice guys. You make it sound so easy.:D

Hoping to make a start in the next couple if weeks. I'm not planning on taking the QL out over winter so plenty of time to work on her. Will struggle to get a hoist on the box so thinking of using a transmission lift if I can get it under.

Ive got a manual but planning to replace any gaskets I come across. Does anybody have a QL parts list I could copy? Seen one on eBay but too tight to pay £30!!


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