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  1. Hi folks, Does anyone have any experience of experience of exporting MV’s (1943 Bedford) to Holland? I’m guessing I’d need an OGEL at least. To my untrained brain I fear it may be a nightmare!! Thanks Mark
  2. For sale is my 1943 Bedford QLD I have owned her since 2013 and she will be sadly missed. She has just come back from the LTF Market Garden tour where she ran like a dream. She is in very good condition and the engine was professionally rebuilt in 2017. The clutch was replaced at the same time (full cab off restoration), NOS canvas, all woodwork replaced with good quality hardwood on the load bed and wiring in good condition. New windscreen glass and recently repainted. 4 good trak gip tyres and a spare. Happy to answer any questions and send more photos. Serious enquiries
  3. Hi, not sure which size you mean. It only has 10.50 x 20 on the tyre. 10.50 is the width in inches and it’s on a 20” rim. I can send you photos if that helps. Regards, Mark
  4. Dunlop Trak Grip Tyre - £150 In very good condition with plenty of tread. No rips or tears. Wheel comes with the tyre (wheel missing one nut). I believe this is a run flat tyre (has RF3 stamped on the tyre) from the markings and what I have been told but I am no expert! Very heavy (2 man lift). Collection only from near Penistone, South Yorkshire. Can take to Holland in two weeks if you are going on the 30 Corps tour. Happy to email photos if requested. Cheers, Mark
  5. Evening folks Sorry if I have posted this in the wrong place. I know breakdown recovery has been discussed in other posts but does anyone know of a company that will recover a (Bantam) trailer? My breakdown insurance covers my jeep but only trailers with standard ball hitches. No good when you have a military trailer!! Any recommendations will be appreciated. Cheers Mark
  6. Hi folks, I own a M38 jeep which as all military vehicles do leaks at bit of oil! I went to take it out this morning and whilst it was idling on the drive noticed a pool of oil on the floor. Closer inspection revealed oil leaking from the bottom of the bell housing. Not quite running out but a fairly constant drip! Im guessing the main seal has gone so not a quick fix but anyone have any other suggestions before I start taking her apart! Cheers Mark
  7. Evening folks, My mate is still struggling to get his jeep to fire up. He has replaced and checked all the electrical components (coil, etc) and static timed the engine to no gain. Today he has done a compression test and three of the four cylinders have no compression!! Anyone any ideas or suggestions? Cheers Mark
  8. Hi folks, My mate has a GPW or MB (can't remember which!) which won't start. It has been a chassis up restoration but having got nearly to the end it won't start. It has a new (6 volt) battery, leads, coil, condenser, point, leads and plugs. Power is getting through and there is a spark on each plug. He has tried pouring a small amount of fuel directly into the carb and has even tried Easy Start but still no joy. All earthing leads are good. I've no experience of 6 volt systems, can you have a weak spark?! Could it be a dodgy component? Has anybody had a similar problem got any
  9. Thanks for all your suggestions. Richard - The studs only have a standard spring washer so I'll look to get the Thackeray type you suggest and not tighten them fully so they can centre themselves properly. What confuses me though is the fact that everything moves okay when you pull it (or push it) manually, yet when it's conected to the hydraulics it locks on. The handbrake rod has been disconnected to rule out problems with that, for the time being?
  10. Afternoon folks, I am having trouble with a rear brake seizing on and despite stripping it down (numerous times!) and rebuilding it I can't seem to find or fix the fault. The other side works fine! It doesn't appear to be rubbing or sticking as I can move the mechanism by hand by either pulling the operating rod or by pushing the bisector mechanism from the front (having removed the cover plate) and the brakes apply and retract as normal. The problem seems to be when I connect the hydraulics. When I press the brake pedal the brakes apply (bisector retracts pushing the two plungers ou
  11. I'm hoping to take the QL (and the missus!). If not, you'll be stuck with me again!!
  12. Thanks for your reply. I know nothing about Carburetors and hate setting them up. I have 3 that came with the truck. The one that was fitted, one used and one new one. I was planning on putting the new one on but welcome any advice. Would it still be wise to overhaul it (I have a new kit) and any guidance on setting it up. I always seem to wing it and hope for the best 😬 Thanks, Mark
  13. Hi folks, Another question regarding my QL. It is fitted with a Solex RZFAIPO carburetor which has another number stamped underneath it, this being LJ57. I have a spare Carburetor and this has LK52 stamped on it. Does anybody know if these numbers mean anything important or are they like a batch or casting number? Thanks, Mark
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