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GMC 353 tyre sizes.


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Looking in a old cmv and noticed a bolster truck of what looked like 9.20's tyers (could be wrong) they looked nice and wide?.


I I would like to put mine back to bargrips but don't really like the 7-50's as they look really skinny!.


LOL.....these are not hotrod's 7:50's are what they were designed to run on and tbh we have had no problem with them at all. Of course they might also look a little better with a metalic paint job....but they did not have that either.

Bolster's were a different kettle of fish, to start with they only had single wheels on the rear axle.

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Bolster trucks originally came on 11.00 x 18 big single tyres with spacers on the rear hubs to level out the track - exactly the same setup as the DUKW.


Personally if I had a set of 7.50 x 20 on a GMC that's what I'd keep - they never look 'right' on anything else.

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If you want fatter tyres have a look at 9.00 x 20's as fitted to more modern M35 trucks.


Decent 11.00 x 18's are like hen's teeth and I'd advocate leaving them for owners of bolster trucks, DUKWs etc.


9.00 x 20s are cheap and plentiful and will give you the fatter rubber without spoiling the look. Plenty of photos on Google to give you an idea of what it'll look like. This will be my tyre of choice when I get another CCKW.


- MG

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