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Help with possible Land Rover purchase


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I am considering purchasing a Land Rover at some point, and I am aware that Withams sells ex military vehicles. Recently I noticed that they are selling a large batch of Tithonus Land Rovers at a reduced price and I like the look of the vehicles.


I liked the idea of having a soft top truck, but the reduced price vehicles are all hard top.


I would like to know what is involved with changing between hard and soft top or vice versa, and which configuration may be easier to start with?


My thinking was that it would be easier to start with a soft top truck and swap to a hard top when necessary, as the vehicle is already fitted with all of the soft top components including tie downs and lashing points etc.


Ideally I would like to keep the vehicle as standard as possible, so no drilling holes and other modifications that could not be put back to original specification easily.


Has anyone swapped the two roof types on a Tithonus vehicle before? What parts are needed for each roof type? I know the soft top's windscreen rail for the front of the canvas is different for the PVC canvas. Are there any other parts that are specific to the Tithonus vehicles, or are they the same as standard canvas roof land rover parts? As for the GRP hard top, I know that it has some extra brackets to hold it to the roll cage. Are the door rubber seals different for these, or the same as standard defender seals?


Any help and advice would be appreciated. I'm trying to get as much information as possible before purchasing.





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I don't know anything about converting a Landie, but I would suggest that if you want a soft top, get a soft top. If the hard tops are more within your price range, just get one of those and learn to love it. On the up side, it is less likely to leak water on you :)




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Terry, Jack


My experience with my father's (metal) hard tops in Scotland in the 1970s was that they had bad condensation inside in the winter - I'd definitely recommend a soft top if the vehicle will have radios installed for that reason. I'm not sure if modern hard tops are any better ?



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Dear Jack,


I have dealt with Withams for many years.


Withams do not offer any kind of warranty nor do they offer or will they get a vehicle MOT'd.


You are buying "as is where is, no warranty implied or expressed".


If you dont have the money to fix a truck then buy one at a higher price with a warranty or an MOT.


That is my first advice. Buyer beware.


Soft tops are nicer as they allow you to roll up the canvas but hard tops have more security.


I guess I am dating myself now when I say the Tithonus hard tops and what is required to swap around is beyond my knowledge these days.


Others will know.


The 2.5 na diesel is no speed demon nor will it ever be. A Tdi with power steering is well worth the money.



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Thanks for the replies. I will arrange a date to go and view the vehicles, and I will see what fixtures and fittings etc that the vehicles have.


In terms of condensation, it will not really be an issue as I will likely purchase a RadHaz liner kit to put in the vehicle.


Also, I am fine with repairing the vehicle myself and maintenance costs, as my dad is a mechanic and I have access to tools and other equipment at home.



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