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Colour of AFV Service instruction books

Lauren Child

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My understanding from studying the spare parts and instructional literature relating to various motorcycle contracts is that they were published by the manufacturer, generally using their preferred printers (often from pre-war days). Presumably the main contractor was responsible where various sub-contractors were used.


I can't detect any official and across the board colour significances. What does seem likely is that manuals were continually reprinted, often with no updated printer's reference and these colours may have varied.

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The blue one is printed by Bemrose and Sons, and the black one is printed by Hunt, Barnard and Co., so that may be the difference.


Both have Chilwell references stamped inside - 62/616 for the Cromwell and 62/665 for the Churchill.


I was about to pick up a red one (Crusader gearbox) but the shop I was getting it from has already sold it :(

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