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Supacat Automatic transmission oil level

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Just wondered whether anyone can help? I'm working on a Supacat with an EPV auto box fitted. It has a short filler tube, but no dipstick or level bung. I've had issues re-filling it after a full rebuild (a blanking plug missing...lots of ATF in hull. Grrrr.....). If someone has a similar unit I'd really like to know how far up the filler the oil comes when ticking over in neutral?


Thanks, Jules

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Contacted Supacat direct in the end. They were really helpful, as I have other issues with the box too. Essentially they can supply a special gauge for getting the level in the box right, but were kind enough to explain that it is a T shaped piece of metal that fits in the filler tube. It has a mark 65mm below the neck of the tube, and that's the correct level in neutral at tick over. Simple!! Needless to say the re-built box I've fitted still doesn't work as it should. Grrrr!



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