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Hello from New York state, USA

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Hello all. My name is Tad. I'm currently living in Lima, NY but am soon relocating to the Washington, DC area with my wife and 3 boys (8,5, and 2 years old).


I grew up around old cars and trucks, and have always wanted a Nash Quad, recently the opportunity to get one came up and I jumped at it. I now have two partial trucks, with most of the components to make one complete truck....although I am missing a couple of big things (radiator and a differential).


I'm trying to track down the remaining parts and deciding what kind of body I want to eventually put on the truck. Anybody have any idea what all uses they originally had? I know there were ammo boxes, and I've seen dump boxes. I would like to put something on that is period correct, but not common. I found a WW1 vintage truck on the forum here that had a crane on it....would that have been an original use of the truck or added sometime after, because I would love a crane. The picture below is the one I saw.



The Quad is by far the oldest thing I own. My other vehicles are; International '47 & '49 KB8s, '51 L190 wrecker, '60 R190 semi, Travelall, '64 F250, '67 MGB, '41 Nash, and a Ford AA Doodlebug(homebuilt tractor)



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Hi Tad


A Quad will be a bit of fun. A diff and rad should turn up. There was a guy out in NY (a retired Doctor I think) who bought the remains of two Quads some years ago. Just chassis if I remember correctly. I saw photographs of them being recovered from the undergrowth. I wonder if they are the same ones. Forget the guys name. There were photos of them on this forum but many years ago.


Anyway, a few Quads were used for carrying a crane/hoist. Quite dissimilar from that French post war Liberty B conversion photographed there. The ammunition body was most common, but Quads also had the artillery supply body and some the workshop body. A crane would be fun. I will see what I can turn up for you.

Best regards


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