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TKS tankette at W&P


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I wonder if that's not the one that originates from Sweden. There was one damaged example in Axvall (former place of the Swedish armor museum) in Sweden, but it has been restored in Poland and it is on display at the Polish Army Museum in Warsaw.


The TKS is indeed a rare bird. Today, parts of TKS's can seen in the Museum of Polish Armored Forces in Warsaw in Poland, while complete TK-3 (or TKF) can be seen in Kalemegdan Fortress in Belgrade, Serbia and TKS in the Museum of Armored Forces in Kubinka (near Moscow) in Russia. There is also an almost complete example in Norway.


There has been active cooperation in the last few years between the Arsenalen, the Swedish armored museum, and museums in Poland, and some exchange of vehicles has taken place.


TKS Tankette Poland.jpg


Goran N

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There are a number of running TKS in private Polish collections, Adam Rudnicki Collection has one, Jacek Kopczyński Collection another, More likely than a national museum to send one over?

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lol I was near the tankette when the owner was talking a little about it and the only original item was a spare wheel carried on the rear armour :) he made a joke about it and I thought good for you mate it's nice to see someone so honest and up front.



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Can he make me one, was my first thought to the above! Actually it must have been quite difficult to build to ensure it looked very 'original' and it certainly convinced me. I wonder if they sourced the tracks from another type or cast their own?

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