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  1. Is there any chance to find C.A.V. control board type 37s-8x TH5 and rotary connection can be seen in this topic Thanks in advance
  2. My friend sales his Ford Maulitier project condition as on pictures. Prise 50.000 euro For further information ask directly oszazon@interia.pl https://www.facebook.com/ambasada.net/
  3. HI Is there any chance to find suspention spring for Valentine ? or may be someone know company that will be able to make such springs . Secound thing is rotary junction between hull and turret Thanks in advance
  4. They are going to make more replics of TKS if thet find castomers. It is made very good I found one mistake easy to correct ring that hold periscope should be on the bottom of the plate not on the top . For me this replica is to smooth for orginal vehicle. They casting tracks for TKS of manganese steel if the order for Universal Carrier track will be big enought they propably make them to.
  5. TKS at W&P it is copy build by BR-TZIP It looks very good but used not orginal mechanics (GAZ or Ford A) Jacek Kopczyński TKS and TKS with 20mm NKM
  6. http://lodz.naszemiasto.pl/artykul/galeria/czolg-valentine-mk-ix-wydobyty-z-warty-rekonstrukcja-zdjecia,2160135,t,id.html http://lodz.naszemiasto.pl/artykul/galeria/walentyna-trwa-rekonstrukcja-czolgu-zdjecia,2159975,t,id.html#skomentuj Maybe someone have idea wheer suspension springs can be found all four are broken .
  7. Were you find it? This is Russian artilery whell used for example http://svsm.org/gallery/122mm_a19 but not only
  8. Pete Mail received plans looks great Great thanks ones again Janusz
  9. I found such transfer case most propably german maybe someone recognize it.
  10. My mistake not enough information This is Chevrolet C15 4x2 cab 13, august 1943 Lauren this forum is very interesting and I found this during my google researches. I tried to register there some time ago but without success. Pete I will send you PW
  11. Hi everyone I need help with Chervrolet CMP C15 spear wheel holder ad this two small boxes on each side. I’m looking for good pictures of this elements Greetings Yoony
  12. Just beautiful. I have a problem what will be the cost of gearbox for Cromwell and is it difficult to find
  13. Can anybody identify this gearbox? Thanks for any help J
  14. http://www.network54.com/Forum/47207/thread/1364580651/Tiger+I+has+arrived+in+Munster
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