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Manuals for LR Marshall ambulance


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I was looking through the forum and found one manual for the LR Marshall ambulance in english. It covers the early Series 2 based models. There are also the Dutch manuals for the Series 3. My ambulance is fitted with Nato lights and hitches and are in some ways different from the car in the S2 manual and very different from the cars in the Dutch manuals. This made mi wonder where I can find the correct manuals

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There were broadly two Series II ambulances those based on Rover 9 & those on Rover 11


I sent the Rover 11 UHB supplement to the mods last week for posting in the section with other Rover Ambulance pdfs. So it should be up soon.

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I'm sorry there is such a delay in the UHB I sent it in to be posted in the section with other Rover/Ambulance documents. But nothing has happened yet.


Relevant parts manuals for the parent vehicle will list if it includes the ambulance amongst the variants. There was a specific supplement for the Marshalls ambulance body for Rover 9 & 11 in Army Code No.22108.


There was no repair manual as such for the ambulance, or indeed the parent vehicle. Some limited repairs were in EMER WHEELED VEHICLES Q 024. But these are a complete mess with odd bits of Rover publications wedged in flitting from Series 1 up to Rover 11 often not differentiating what model is being covered.


Most of the EMERs are modifications & miscellaneous instructions. The EMER ambulance suffix was originally /7 but changed to /2 for Rover 9 & 11.

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