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  1. Thank You for the information. Where would be the best place to search for more information on both the car, where it has been stationed and perhaps find out if it has been to any foreign locations.
  2. My plan is to keep it as an ambulance. Paint it white as UN with the red crosses. I am also looking at a way to make is modular in a way that would allow it to be used as a camper or a 9 person carrier. But all of that is still some time away. Still sorting and planning.
  3. What would they have been doing with an ambulance ?
  4. Today I received this from MOD about my ambulance. But what does it mean ? Can anyone help me with what information is on the screenprint from Merlin.
  5. On my ambulance there is access to the fuel tank under the seat. On one side there is rock wool insulation on the other there is nothing. This made me wonder if there is a better way to insulate under the seats. I guess the the original would be the rock wool.
  6. Here is a picture of the back of the car both items are on the right side under the window and over the lights
  7. as far as I can see, there are no markings, but they might show up when stripping the paint. I did find items on the back door. Right side. I have enclosed pictures showing them. One look like the have been a square plate and the other looks like it is made for sticking or hanging a sign. If this is correct. What would they have been ?
  8. Thank you for clearing that up. I have been looking for some reference as to where there could be stencils/markings to look for when stripping the paint. As You can see on the picture, the marking over the compartment door is visible.
  9. I read somewhere online the the FJ is a reference to a particular military base. Do You if that is the case ? After finding the military ID, I have sent a request for information about the car. It should be as it was when the military sold it. It has changed hands 3 times, but I am first to do any work on it or even drive it.
  10. Holder for convoy flag. I was wondering what it was supposed to hold :laugh:
  11. I just picked up the ambulance yesterday and here is a few more pictures. The original registration number was: 30-FJ-00
  12. What manuals where made for the Marshall ambulances ? The user handbook as Clive wrote, but is there a parts manual and a repair manual also ? My ambulance should be a Rover 11.
  13. Any references with pictures ? Would it have been two RCT and one medic ?
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