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Working as a archaeologist at the municipal Nijmegen the Netherlands, sinds WOII era is part of the heritage thats also be needed to protected, we handle every find we do as usual as we do with every other archaeological finds, my main work is to monitor every groundwork bij constructors or company's disturbing the earth sinds the city nijmegen is planning to build a whole new part of town with thousands of houses and infrastructure, as part of those plans i work 15 years with explosive clearance firms hired to clear this area north of Nijmegen from uxo, that gave many thousands of roman and medieval finds but also tons of WOII relics. most of the finds is no problem with over 30 years experience as a metal specialist to determinate what comes out of the earth. lately we found during a uxo clearance some interesting material on one spot that puzzles us, So i need some help from experts:)

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