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Garwood winch information please!!!

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I have a Garwood winch which I believe is a 20ton pull. I have a possible buyer for it but am not sure of its value. I have seen a similar working one for sale in the usa for around $2500 which would be around £1500 over here. However mine would need some work to get going as the lever workings are heavily corroded.


I would be grateful for any info regards pricing . The buyer isn't a military collector he just likes old machinery so I'm not sure he would want to spend too much. If he doesn't want it, it will be up for grabs.

april 2014 113.jpg


As you can see the winch was built into a heath robinson crane by my late uncle. he used it to build a overhead gantry in the shed behind using 12"x12"x21' pitch pine beams. This was to enable him to lift heavy parts when restoring his showmans traction engine. Unfortunately we don't have that anymore:cry:

april 2014 068.jpg

april 2014 070.jpg

april 2014 073.jpg

april 2014 109.jpg

april 2014 110.jpg

april 2014 112.jpg

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Had a few over the years some driven mechanical some i converted to hydraulic. I believe but dont quote me on this shear pin on mechanical drive was designed to go at 25000lbs. Going rate many many years ago was three scrap car mot failures per winch they were coming of ex council snow ploughs.

Going rate today http://www.crouchmilitarysales.co.uk/listing/garwood-winch/

not as big as the one you have

Also yours is not the one fitted to dt or wlf wrecker i believe only to cargo trucks white corbitt an a few Macs always behind cab

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