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Electronic ignition? to spark or not to spark-that is the question.....


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So, Purists, turn away,


If I should think of fitting an "invisible" electronic ignition system to my beloved MW, should it be a system from Jolley Engineering or from someone else such as Aldon automotive? or others?


The price difference is impressive! -as was the slightly snooty response from Jolley when I called them! (Perhaps she should have a Bentley engine to be considered worthy!),


Any operational experience gladly taken into account!

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I have electronic ignition on my Saracen (I think it's the Jolley, but it was on there when I got it and I've not pulled apart the dizzy to have a look) and I have found it to be very reliable and certainly a hell of a lot better than trying to piss around with two sets of Lucas contact breakers. All the B80 needs now is fuel injection and it would be just like a real, reliable engine :)


My installation is a little untidy; the previous owner installed it by leaving the covers off of the junction box and the coil housing, running a big jumper wire between the two. This means my engine is not as waterproof as it should be and there is some corrosion in the junction box where water has pooled in the past. I really need to re-route the wire and fit the covers again.


Clive has an excellent article about MV ignition that covers the electronic ignition options and it removed any doubts I had about converting the Saracen back to stock.






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My landy 101 12volt is fitted with and aldron optical system and was very cheap and works well (also fitted this to my fisrt car, a volkswagen bettle). My 24volt ferret is fitted with a jolly kit, which is a lot of money for what it is....but it's a godsend once in place. I also found buying it like pulling teeth, almost felt like they didn't want to sell me it haha.

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