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International M55 petrol engine repair project


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Many people on HMVF know that on the way to W&PR last year CVRTNick’s long bed International 5 ton M55 petrol engine consumed its big end bearings coming off the motorway at Folkestone. It had to be towed onto site and after a subsequent test drive it was recovered home to be looked at later. We finally got around to it last weekend and a crew of us removed the engine with a view to dismantling it for further investigation. The TMs show the correct sequence of operations for disconnecting everything and everything undid apart from the exhaust flange nuts which were removed with the hot spanner. At some point in the next month the engine will be dismantled to see how bad the damage is and to decide how to proceed.










We used the WLF crane to take the weight of the engine and the chain block hanging off the crane boom at 45deg. to ease it forwards. A certain amount of trial and error was required to find the correct angle of dangle for the front engine mount to clear the radiator crossmember without the rear of the rocker cover hitting the cowl. In the end there was minimal damage and all fingers are still intact.


Mr Johns on an urgent mission:




Who is that handsome devil???:








It was a largely enjoyable 6 hours. Many thanks to the team of Chris, Peter, Ross and Nick J. Special thanks go to Nick C for his invaluable supervision and guidance. Also many thanks to Adrian for the use of his workshop and of course his splendid and manly WLF.


More to follow once the engine is apart...


- MG

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If it is repairable we may be able to get the parts from Memphis as they have supplied bits for it before.

Reomie in Holland are the other possible supplier and they have crated engines, but at £5k a pop that's not really an option when we fit a diesel for half that.


- MG

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helloi know a guy who have new engine for M55 if may be you are interested just let me know and i contact him to have price,if i remember he have 3 new engine in crate best wisheswilly

Salut Willy,


We would certainly be interested. Please could you let me know price and location?


Merci d'avance - Mike

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