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Land Rover Series 3 24v feels..... well choked.


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Evening, took the land rover to get the rims swapped over (Had SWB rims on front temporarily) so after removing 4 extra grip tyres that has not been off for over 15 years by hand:wow:

I took the four rims down to the local place to get changed, on the way i noticed that the land rover felt well like it was choked??

Those of you old enough to remember the old 2 stroke motocross bikes (Maico's,KTM,Husqvarnas etc) remember when the mixture was out, even slightly it would feel choked up like it would rev eventually but it was slow process that is what it felt like going tonight.

Now i use this for my work and load the back up with a lot of weight so four piddly LWB rims shouldnt make that much difference but it just felt like hard work getting to 40+ which is out of character with this truck.

Had many knackered old 2.25 petrols and diesels over the years but this is 13000 mile engine that about 500 miles ago had new plugs points and rotor arms and the carb adjusting with a gas analyser.

I last used it monday and as always it pulls like a dream and revs up quickly, checked compression couple of weeks ago as a matter of interest and i cant recall the exact ratio but according to the handbook they was either dead on or above what they were from the factory specs.

Any ideas, not overly concerned just intrigued.

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the mileage by the way is what it was released from the military with (PA Bkanchards direct sale).


Oh and if your wondering how to break the bead without a machine.




A highlift jack against the tyre and against the bumper:)

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it may sound daft but a few weeks ago a customer brought his landrover in saying it lacked power after checking all

the usual things we found that when the choke was pushed in it was not returning the choke lever to the off position fully

its worth a thought


Nope that is a very good point, ex mechanic here and the amount of times someone would bring their relatively old vehicle in saying "its starts when its cold but when it warms p it dies and wont re start until it cools down, it must be something major and i realise you are rushed off your feet but please diagnose this, call me, deliver the vehicle back to me and then ill take you back in the loan car you are going to give but im afraid i just simply cannot be seen in something as common as a nissan micra!".

At which point you puff your cheeks out and say "Sir could i just show you what this little plunger here does that you insist of pulling all the time":)



I will check that again but i am very anal about the choke as i cant afford the fuel bill:wow:

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Ah yes the good old 2 stroke. You also had to remember to give them a rev if you were trundling down a long hill at 30mph.



Have you checked the spark plugs, the plugs for the shielded ignition system are 2 part items and if they come loose the gap opens and you loose a cylinder. Mine did this a couple of years back and it lead to a trip on a recovery truck as it would struggle on hills and the flat, it made it to 40 on a downhill stretch though.



no3 plug.jpg

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