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Matador 0853 10546 (1953) restoration

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Hi, Welcome to the start of the restoration of this ex RAF Matador, the truck was purchased a few months ago and made the journey south to keep my 1943 Mat company. Both Mat's are at the start of the restoration process although I have spent the last 18 months on a hut for parts. I have now acquired rear bodies for both trucks, the 43 having the correct artillery body and the 53 having a Generator body. My focus for the next 6 months or so will be the 53 Mat mainly due to the great condition of the chassis and mechanics.


Although the chassis is in great shape the cab has been stripped down and much removed, and has spent some time exposed to the weather. The vehicle has very low miles consequently all the automotive parts are much as they left the factory, original tyres fitted but all cracked.


Will add photos when I have worked out how to do it on an iPad, manage attachments is not letting me add photos held on ipad ?.

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Mat loaded and heading south. More to come. Made a start on a CAV control box which is complete but a little rough. Seams to be common for copper contacts to be burnt.

Stripped cleaned, painted and made new contacts for the main on off switch.

control  box as removed.jpg

control box top.jpg

control box.jpg

new contacts.jpg

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The cab framework looks good - where did you get those made?


Nick[Hi Nick, they were made by a chap in Devon whom has just stopped doing this sort of work so. I had his reference cab and another he made from the parts around the work shop.]


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