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‘Local Pattern’ SAS SLR Magazine Pouch?


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I’ve just acquired an example of what it described on Karkeeweb as the ‘Stores Ref. CN / X / 11871 LPG 4338 POUCH, MAGAZINES, SLR (Local Pattern)’:




I’ve been trying to find out a bit more about them and came across the following interesting comment on an airsoft forum:


“seen pictures of guys with them in a couple of old school SAS books by Tony Geraghty. Its a local/field made SLR/M16 mag pouch used in Aden & Oman by the SAS (& probably others too)”.




Whilst inconclusive, I also came across the following picture of Lt Col John Woodhouse. He appears to be wearing a similar looking pouch on his left hip:




So does anyone have any further information on the who, why, when and where of these pouches? I assume the Tony Geraghty books are ‘This is the SAS: A Pictorial History of the Special Air Service Regiment’ and ‘Who Dares Wins: The Special Air Service 1950 to the Falklands’. If anyone reading owns a copy of these, could they possibly have a flick through and see if there are pictures that show these pouches?





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Alas not conclusive, but I attach a dodgy cameraphone pic of a picture of 2 members of the SAS in Aden from 'Who Dares Wins'. The pouch on the left hip of the chap on the right seems to have a very similar looking lid and snap fastener. Not obviously a double pouch though. Any ideas?




SAS Aden R.jpg

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