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CVRT Sabre... gearbox noise... help or opinions please !


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CVRT Sabre TN15 Gearbox Noise. Your views on whether the rasping / grating noise is anything to worry about would be much appreciated. It appears to be coming from the centrifugal clutch area.... as soon as the clutch engages it disappears. The gearbox works fine all gears work as they should.



This gearbox was supplied as "having a noise" so I decided to fit it to try and diagnose the fault. I have a good gearbox which will be fitted if necessary.



Note: I do have another radiator with a new core to replace the existing one !!


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Hello Paul


CVRT boxes are known for making a lot of noise at idle due to their design - something to do with the hydraulic valves. Having said that I've never heard one making quite the same noise as that one of yours! Have you spoken to AB? He might be able to diagnose better. Or if it coming from the clutch area just try dismantling that bit first to save a full replacement..


Oh and the rad looks fine to me - you just need to spend a wet sunday afternoon straightening the fins with some tweezers..!!!


Good luck


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It is some years since I was working on those for the Queen, but in the back of my mind I am thinking Freewheel Device, which is in the clutch hub, it may not have retracted into its "engine idle" position. They all make noises as has been said but this one stands out. I am sure that this fault came up once.

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