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Dodge build card payment


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The only way is to send cash dollars, they don't accept UK cheques and there's no such thing as an international money order any more. You can send it signed for and tracked but chances are it won't be signed for and it'll cost you £9 to send £16. Not worth the expense IMO. Just send the cash and put it in a card in an envelope.

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Here you go:


If you wish to send a request, please include your full name and return address (a letter will do). Also, please include the make, model and year of your automobile. If you are requesting a Build Record you must include your VIN Number .


Please send your inquiry to:


Attn: Historical Information

DAIMLER CHRYSLER Corporate Historical Collection

CIMS 410-11-21 12501 Chrysler Freeway

Detroit MI, 48288




Note: This only applies to U.S. built 1930 - 1954 Dodge and Plymouth trucks!


Cost for trucks is $25.00 USD and requires your truck's factory serial number (on frame). Also needed is a copy of your title or Bill of Sale. (VIN number on the door or chasis frame, not the engine block serial number.)


You should have the photostat copy of your build card in a couple of weeks. Note that the cards are kept on micro fische, i.e. micro photo, form, so the quality of the copy is not brilliant. Many put their copy into a photo program, like Photoshop, and invert the image, which sometimes makes it easier to read. Good luck, Chris,


Goran N

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I'd just like to reinforce the point that you do need to prove ownership of the vehicle, with a copy of either;


Bill of Sale in your name

Title document.


... or the like. I think I used the UK C&E 386 document, showing chassis number and import duty paid, on one truck that I didn't actually have a receipt for.



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