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  1. If you can't sort it PM me with a phone number.
  2. I have a spare MB block and I'm not sure what they are worth these days. It's early 45 and appears to have been dry stored most of it's life as it looks in very good condition. will need re-boring and the valve seats and guides but no sign of a crack in the usual place. Also has 3 broken studs.
  3. I have just bought a load of kit including a Lapp MP48 mount that has the spring bent, apart from that it is in very good condition. Have looked at removing the spring but it appears there is an other spring inside and you need to turn the two springs in opposite directions so I need to make a plate to stop the big spring screwing back in while undoing the small spring. any advice would be gratefully received and if you know were I can get a new spring from it will save me messing with the old one. Thanks
  4. This came off a 1945 Willys MB engine, anyone know what is should fit?
  5. Switched the cloak off now, you should be able to see them now.
  6. This came off a 1945 MB engine, anyone know what it should fit on?
  7. Anyone know what this flare shell is and are the two parts the same system or different shells? also what they are worth? thank you guys
  8. Disconnect the earth side of the battery, using a jump lead connect the battery terminal to the starter frame and try to start the engine, this will rule out earth faults. If this does not help take the other terminal off and using another jump lead short the battery terminal to the lug on the starter, this will rule out solenoid and wiring problems. Be sure to hold the clamps tight. If that does not help you could disconnect the lug from the starter and put 12volts across the starter, this will not damage the starter just for a short while but you must disconnect the starter as it may damage your other electrics. If that still does not work it's probably a starter fault, take the cover off and check all the brushes are making contact, I have known starters that have been miss handle have a brush bounce back and held off the com.
  9. Hello. Anyone no what radio this back pack is for za46606 1960. thanks
  10. I have not been to any shows etc for some years so don’tknow what to set the price at, I don’t want to put it too high or sell them fornothing. I’m hoping to have time to go to Stoneleigh this weekend and get someidea, then as and when I have time I’ll be listing everything with prices.
  11. 100ft aerial no5 nos for sale on ebay. also have other radio equipments I'm putting on ebay next month some of which are below. if you need anything just ask as I may have it (NO SETS) and you can always make an offer.
  12. I have these running boards but not sure what Dodge they are off. The left one is 40.25 inches long x 15.3/8 wide at the front and the right is 42.1/2 inches long x 14.3/4 wide. anyone know?
  13. Build card came today, my command car was made on 3rd December 1942. No problem sending cash.
  14. If you have a build card how did you pay? Did you send a UK cheque or money order and if so where did you get it. Thanks.
  15. Hello Phil If you would like to phone me I may be able to help on an hourly rate and parts basis, this may work out less than a complete rebuild. If you want a complete rebuild I can do that. This depends on the condition of the engine and what work has already been done. Some of these engines may have been reconditioned several times already and if you need things like sleeves in the bores that is more expensive. The best thing is give me a call, I will be cheeper than Dallas and I'm nearer. Mike Pm my phone number
  16. My Command Car was a wreck when I bought it in the early 90's and the battery box and boot hinge were not genuine. A couple of jobs I rushed to get it on the road have been driving me nuts ever since, As I'm repairing the running board I would like to make a better looking hinge and I need to know the position of the 5 captive nuts in the running board. As for the boot lid the hinge has been held in place by self tapping screws because I replaced a lot of the rear end, could anyone give me the measurements of the captive nuts in the floor that hold the hinge. Thanks Mike
  17. I have a lockheed LM 15092 brake master cylinder that I would like to put on ebay but not sure of the vehicles this will fit. Have seen them for sale for Jeffery Diamond Grader and Bedford, can anyone tell me what type of Bedford. Also, it looks like the one on the Ferret? unfortunatly it's in a sealed bag so no photo. Thanks Mike
  18. Welcome, will you be going to the show in Oswestry at the end of June?
  19. Hello. hard work is best but if you don't have the time ask if the can blast it crushed walnut shell this will remove paint etc but will not harm the metalwork or blow holes in the metal mike
  20. It’s complicated, insurance would not cover it because hewas not insured for historic vehicles (always read the very small print even if it's not on thepaperwork they give you ) and Icould have taken him to court but would have had to prove negligence by neglector faulty equipment. Organised an engineer to look at his vehicle and trailerbut the trailer had been scrapped when he arrived. The solicitor said without areport showing the trailer was faulty I had no hope of proving he was at fault.So I could have lost and had to pay his cost, court costs and mine so I tookthe hit. Only used him because he was my local garage.
  21. Hello. I live on the welsh border in Shropshire and bought my first MV at the age of 16, 45 years later and I'm still hooked. Have three vehicles I'm working on at the moment a 43 GPW, a WC51 I'm doing for a friend and I'm repairing my WC56 after a kind transporter dropped it off the back of his trailer, then told me his transporter insurance would not cover the Dodge. Looking for any WC51 body parts and a steering wheel for my friend and a radiator for myself. Had an Austin Champ up until a couple of years ago but still have some parts, mainly used but if you're looking I may be able to help. Have some NOS military Land Rover parts including some FFR points etc, if they are any use to anyone PM me. Was in the infantry for many years, had two secondary trades,armourer small arm and vehicle electrician so I know a bit about ferrets, Saracenscorpion etc. If I can help anyone I will. OK I'm bored now so thats it. Mich
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