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Carrier identification needed


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am in process of trying to buy a Carrier of a collector whos english isnt too good.


We have got to the stage of Identification and he has sent a few pics of i think Engine plate and the numbers stamped into the top edge of the drivers compartment.

Engine plate says a Canadian, cant make out mark or year from this.


Could someone in the "Carrier Know" extract some info on this please.


I have history of where its from and what it was used for post war, fascinating story but have to keep quiet til deal is done and im running my sticky little hands all over it...!!!!:D



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The data plate hull number matches the number stamped on the hull photo and the data plate say 1943, the stamping on the upper hull is in front of the driver on the top of the armour, this should match the serial number on the data plate I think. Many carrier lost there front upper armour post war so that second number may be lost. There should be a war department number too, although I am not sure where this would have been recorded off hand.

CD1555 is the contract number.

I understand that mk2 carriers began to be produced in 1942 but I am not sure if this one will be a mk1* or a mk2* as I can't find that contract number in my lists.

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hi paul the first pic shows the lower hull number which is stamped on the horizontal angle iron that runs across the engine bulkhead behind the commander or at least it was on mine. my hull number is just like the one you've shown but is a little earlier (CB 874). the data plate on the early carriers was made from brass and mounted on the rhf mudguard the later carriers had it stamped on the top of the drivers armour and I've also heard of it being on the angle iron that runs across the back between the lhr mudguard and the vertical armour plate but I can't say for sure as vI've not seen it there myself. from what I've seen it looks right. good luck with the deal.

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