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Not something you'd want to happen to you if you owned one of these:




However it perhaps highlights the dangers of owning historic vehicles with the general public seemingly unaware that they can't stop or move as quickly as modern day cars!

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It's not just the unaware ones but the other class of idiot who think it funny to pull out in front of 40 year old + vehicles.

On the way up to Landrovers 65th the other weekend I lost count of the fools who pulled out to turn right blocking the road in front of me and sat there laughing or, on motorways, who screamed past then virtually did a 90 deg turn onto the slip road exiting the motorway.


Time I got to my destination I seriously felt like grabbing hold of the next idiot and pointing out - rather forcibly - that a 40 year old vehicle does not give a damn about how rich they/their daddies are thus how flash their vehicles are, what ethnicity they are or what deities name they scream out (usually one starting with "A") - a Landrover weighing x tons moving at y speed will always require z feet to stop in because the only thing it gives a damn about are the elemental laws of physics. ABS, ESP and all the other TLA' s weren't even invented when the Landies wheels first turned in anger.

And if some one is stupid enough to block the road and laugh then the big red towing pintle on the front of the bumper is quite capable of performing the same function as the ram on the front of a Graeco-Roman warship whilst the Landie itself pre-dates crumple zones - unlike theirs so if it hits them they get the "go direct to morgue" card with no chance of paradise and/or 72 virgins or whatever their belief system offers as an afterlife.........

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One particular idiot pulled across a roundabout chatting on his mobile phone, and narrowly missed getting 7 ton of bus through the drivers window. He and the rest of creatures in the car sat laughing and giving me the finger. Don't know why I bothered to brake!

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I say hit them.....a Landrover makes a proper tidy mess of the average 'modern' car....and after all....if you hit them from behind or the side or wherever after they've pulled out in front of you ?....well... I reckon it's worth a 'go' in the Courts.....Landrover Insurance is way cheaper than yer average car and .....a Landrover will almost always come off the best in the event of a collision with a 'normal' car so...even with an incident on your insurance...you'll still have the last laugh :)..and just to make a 'good impression'... you could even stick yer foot down a bit just before the moment of impact ! hahah!

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