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beltring 2007

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I hope this comes out ok, first time I've used one of these t.v. type writer things :computerterror:

I need some adivce from the older more experienced members!

I've booked my holidays for the beltring weeks so I can take the jeep etc, it needs some work to it for the MOT.

So shall I start the work now and put all the other jobs I've been instructed to do by the lady fieldmarshal i.e. painting of the bedroom,sittingroom,kitchen and hallway- and put the door back on the toilet, on hold so I can get stuck into something I really want to do? Or:-

Option 1: make such a mess off the bedroom,sittingroom,kitchen,hallway and toiletdoor that she'll NEVER ask me again.

Option 2: try and drag out the work for as long as possible, saying I cant get the right colour camo paint for the rooms, and hope she'll forgot about it all?

Option 3: a self inflicted wound which will put me in bed until the cricket season starts?

Option 4: or just do what everyone else does and panik the week before Beltring?



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Hi RB,

welcome and the answer is dependant on how much work your jeep will need :dunno:


i am lucky in a way as me and DIY really don't get on at all so if the dear wife wants something decorated she is welcome to get on with it, she will call me if theres a problem she wants help with.


It may be wise to do some of the DIY ........ get the jeep MOT..... promising to finish the DIY be-for Christmas (but don`t mention which one) :-D



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