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ex-recy mech living in wiltshire


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Yes I am ex REME Recy Mech 22 yrs,

used Beddy Light RL & MJP, Scammell explorers, Scammell Eka, Crusader 35t, Leylands, AEC, Cent ARV Chiefy ARV & ARRV, CRARRV, Warrior 513, Samson, Foden EKA, Trailers 10t tilt, 20t RE, Rubery Owen, 20T low platform, Dummy Axles 1/5t - 10/30t, Tonkas as we called the land rover recovery vehicles we had in NI, various civilian trailers too,

various Slide back units when I worked for AA

Instructed on many upto 1998 when my time was up.


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Hi my name is Chalky White ex REME recy mech for 22 years, used many recovery vehicles from 1963 till 1985. Scammell, AEC, leylands, Cent ARVs, Chieftan ARVs and Sampson ARVs, not forgetting the useless Bedford RL recovery. Had some fantastic times, ended up S/Sgt at SHAPE in Belgium Mons with a huge Mercedes Benz recovery mainly recovering Shape international Van Tool Coaches and all other international vehicles which there were about 150 of them. We were kept on our toes because they traveled to Germany, France, Netherlands, UK. And more, all had to be recovered so we had military passes for all NATO countries. Great last job. Thanks

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