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Parcel delivery companies


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I use a company called Shiply who advertise on ebay and Google but as far as I am aware do not just work for ebay items. You give details of what you want picking up where from where to etc and various couriers/haulage firms bid to win the job. Basically it works on the back load system ie. it is better to drive back loaded than empty if they have just delivered in the area. I have had motorbikes shipped from one end of the country to the other for £80 I couldn't do it for three times that. A friend has had a lathe moved and again the price was very cheap compared to other quotes he had. There is a feedback system so you can pick a reputable firm. There does not appear to be a limit on items transported so vehicles are carried along with small items. However I think an Antar might cause a few raised eyebrows ! Hope that helps, Best Wishes David :undecided:

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I have been using www.parcel2go.com for awhile, last week I had to find someone else http://www.parcel-link.co.uk/


39 kg tent sent for £28 by citylink its still in transit but at the moment its looking good.... famous last words


I get a lot of stuff from one of my suppliers in Lanarkshire and they only charge me £12.50 for a box well heavier than 25 Kg.

He uses APC I think!

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thirded, Interparcel/UPS - been using for years with very few problems - 25kg or thereabouts, as long as its not massive/particularly long etc. is usually delivered the day after pick-up by UPS (even tho I use the 48hr service) for £9.59 (inc. VAT) - UPS are always reliable/professional - very slick and friendly too (havn't tried APC as they don't tend to quote thru Interparcel. Guess it goes without saying but avoid Yodel :-))

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