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Ground spike earial

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Picked up what i beleave is a ground spike earial at the weekend, but have not been able to find any info on its age or youse , the only marking on it are ZA43193 on the large poles and ZA29832 W.T.B MK1/1 on the insulator ,fully built up it is about 10m from insulator to the tip of the earial, I wonder if any one can help with aplication and age .

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Thanks woa2 for the info ,had a feeling it was early but cudnot find any info.Will be yousing it with my t1154/r1155 setup ,would be intrested to knowif you have any pics of the giy rope setup ,Mounty2 would be intrested in the bag if you wish to part or pics .thanks GrahamPicture 031.jpg

2012-11-11 13.25.05.jpg

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That is part of the MAST kit for a WS22 set, definitely earlier than 45. I had 4 complete sets. Talk with Peter, he just got all the rest of my WS kit from the states... There is a complete MAST kit he should have..


From you pictures you have:

Insulator W.T. B

Ground spike

Aerial Rod D (the big ones) you should have 8 to make a set

Adapter No 1 (which screws on top of the D aerial, and uses the F set to increase the length of the aerial)

Aerial Rod F (which is usually with Aerial Holder No 2 I think (pic below) this has a hammer, and includes Aerial Base No 11and aerial base spike with 6 F sections)


You need 2 insulators W.T chain with guide lines (on Ebay)

Canvas bag


Reaming tool

10 Pegs (which you can find on Ebay) you can use post war ones, they are silver


I can get you the complete list if needed.





whip adaptor.jpg
















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That's "some of" the British "Aerials, Vertical, 34-ft, Steel" (ZA.11519), or the late/post-WW2 32-ft version. (the difference being that the 34-ft one is made up of 16-ft of aerial rods 'F' (4 x 4-ft rods) on top of 18ft of aerial rods 'D' (6 x 3-ft sections), while the 32-ft one uses the 14-ft sectional whip aerial as issued with the WS62 instead of the 'F' rods. The 32-ft version has the advantage that it all fits in the one bag (Bags, Aerial Gear No.2 Mk.2). The original components date to before WW2 but were improved/renumbered over time.


The full kit list is:


ZA,0437 Bags, Aerial Gear No.2 Mk.II (1)

ZA.4432 Insulators W/T 'B' (1)

ZA.5436 Antenna Rods 'D' Sections 3-ft (6 + 4 spares)

ZA.5325 Antenna Rods 'D' Spikes (1)

ZA.5341 Antenna Rods 'D' Reamer(1)

ZA.11536 Stayplates, No.4 (2)

ZA.4135 Antenna Rods 'F' Adapter No.1 (1)

ZA.0374 Antenna Rods 'A', Pegs (8 + 2 spares)

ZA.0378 Antenna Rods 'A', Peg Bags (1)

FA.2137 Hammers, Engineers, Ball-pane 8oz (1) (This is ALWAYS missing from surplussed kits!)

ZA.4444 Insulators, Chain, Small, 3-link (4 as spares)

ZA.6579 Staytighteners, Small. (2 as spares)


Plus either the 14-ft whip aerial or Cases, Carrying, No.1 with 8 aerial rods 'F' (2 x (2 No.1, 1 each No.2 & No.3)) plus webbing to carry the case and fasten the hammer to it, plus a Aerial Base No.11 and its spike.


The full kit (laid out) is on Keith Watt's WS22 page: http://www.keithwatt.pwp.blueyonder.co.uk/museum/ws22.htm


The stayplates come complete with four of the 3-link insulators and guy ropes attached.


The 'D' rods are somewhat fragile, which is why four spares are included in the kit - the threaded portion is relatively easy to damage or shear off if the mast is roughly handled during erection or dismantling.


It was later replaced by the 27-ft telescopic mast (based on the Canadian 34-ft mast) that is much easier to handle, quicker to erect, and will stay up (usually) if the guys lines are shot away(!), but cannot be turned into two masts for a horizontal aerial, of course.


Hope this is some help.



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